What is the test fee refund policy?

✧If you cancel your registration 5 days before the test day, you will receive refund of 50% of the original test fee you paid. Refunds are in US dollars or Myanmar kyats.

✧ No refund for cancellation 4 days before the test day or later.

✧ To cancel your registration, please make phone call, send email, or directly visit our office.

✧ Once your cancellation is accepted, you are entitled to receive 50% refund.Please come to our office to receive it. You are required to show your ID document and Confirmation card.

✧ For those who paid by Paypal, we will make refund on Paypal after deducting Paypal process fee as well as 50% of the original test fee.

✧ For those who paid by wire transfer, we will transfer back to your bank account after deducting bank fee as well as 50% of the original test fee.

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