How should I decide which level to take?

Each level of MLT is below.

MB Burmese alphabet and very basic vocab and grammar in daily life.
[100% Spoken Burmese, Vocab range: 200~300, Learning period: 72 hours (3 months)]
M1 Basic vocab and grammar to survive and communicate in daily life.
[100% Spoken Burmese, Vocab range: 500~700, Learning period: 144 hours (6 months)]
M2 Be able to communicate in daily life and read simple paragraph.
[100% Spoken Burmese, Vocab range: 1200~1400, Learning period: 288 hours (1 year)]
M3 Be able to communicate with native speaker and read normal paragraph.
[Spoken: 70% –Written: 30%, Vocab range: 2500~2700, Learning period: 432 hours (1.5 year)]
M4 Be able to communicate in Business situation and read difficult paragraph.
[Spoken: 50% –Written: 50%, Vocab range: 4000~5000, Learning period: 576 hours (2 year ~)]


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