How to register

1. Contact with us

2. Get ‘ Confirmation Card’

Ⅰ) Complete your information according to direction that MLT's registration Web form and submit.

Ⅱ) MLT operation team reply through email once we got your information.
* It might go to "Spam email box", so please check both of them. 

Ⅲ) Payment by below ways
- By visiting MLT Resource Center
- By bank transfer (Our bank account is CB bank)
- By credit card ( By Paypal)

Ⅳ) MLT will sent payment confirmation through email

IⅣ) MLT will sent "Confirmation Card" through email 1 week before the test date.


List of Registration Fee

  Test Fee
Normal  Special 
MB 25 USD 20 USD
M1 30 USD 25 USD
M2 35 USD 30 USD
M3 40 USD 35 USD
M4 50 USD 40 USD

*Special price for…
1. University students (Need to show Student ID)
2. Student from partnership school, company and individuals.
3. Group registration (More than 10 people)

 MLT Resource Center (Myanwave Co., Ltd. )

No.401 Tower-C, Pearl Condo, the corner of Kabar Aye Pagoda and Sayar San roads, Bahan township, Yangon, Myanmar