Test Description

Overall Guidelines for MLT test-takers

MLT (Myanmar Language Test) is the first and only standardized test for Burmese Language proficiency for foreigners who want to know their levels. MLT test measures proficiency in reading and listening comprehension. There are five levels to choose: MB (Basic), M1 (Pre-intermediate), M2 (Intermediate), M3 (Upper-intermediate) and M4 (Advanced)

MLT asks comprehension, vocabulary and grammar knowledge through listening questions. Each test has two sections: Reading and Listening. All question types are MULTIPLE CHOICE.

● MLT measures the following skills.
  1. Vocabulary knowledge
  2. Grammar knowledge
  3. Comprehension of Burmese Language at respective levels for both reading skill and listening skill
● Listening comprehension question includes
  • Same pronunciation (Only for MB) 
  • Questions with pictures 
  • Short conversations
  • Long conversations
  • Monologue
● Reading comprehension question includes
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Pictures
  • Short conversation
  • Long conversation
  • Read the passage
→ Description of each level

Burmese alphabet and very basic vocabulary and grammar in daily life.

Spoken / Written Spoken: 100 %
Vocabulary range 200 – 300
Learning period72 hours (3 months)

Basic vocabulary and grammar to survive and communicate in daily life.

Spoken / Written Spoken: 100 %
Vocabulary range 500 – 700
Learning period144 hours (6 months)

Be able to communicate in daily life and read simple paragraph.

Spoken / Written Spoken: 100 %
Vocabulary range 1200 – 1400
Learning period288 hours (12 months)

Be able to communicate with native speaker and read normal paragraph.

Spoken / Written Spoken: 70 %, Written: 30 %
Vocabulary range 2500 – 3500
Learning period432 hours (18 months)

Be able to communicate in Business situation and read difficult paragraph.

Spoken / Written Spoken: 50 %, Written: 50 %
Vocabulary range 6000 ++
Learning period576 hours (24 months ++)