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Myanmar Language (Burmese Language) is a language which has long history of more than 900 years as written words. Myanmar citizens are pretty proud of that fact; those who are able to read and write Myanmar language properly are respected by others.

“Myanmar Language Test” is the very first Myanmar language proficiency test for all non-native Myanmar people. Questions in MLT are designed well, 5 different levels are properly managed. Thus it is effective to measure your achievement level of Myanmar language study objectively.
MLT is highly practical-minded because all Myanmar language words or phrases in MLT are natural and commonly used in daily life of Myanmar people; they are never posed and innocuous.

In any countries, it is essential to understand local language spoken commonly in that community. By speaking and listening of Myanmar language, you are able to build closer relationship with Myanmar people. Furthermore, you can access first-order information – TVs, radios, newspapers and magazines etc. – published in Myanmar language. That enables you to have advantages in businesses and crisis management.

I recommend all Myanmar language learners to aim at M4 level. To pass M4 level, the highest level of MLT, proves that you have ability not only to live in Myanmar without any problem, but also to have an intimate involvement in business scenes with Myanmar people.

In Reading section of MLT, only spoken language is used from MB to M2 level, written language appears in M3 and M4. Since all the public documents and media documents adopt written language, I would encourage you to obtain Myanmar language proficiency of M3 level or more.

I hope all Myanmar language learners to expand and deepen their own study or business related to Myanmar by utilizing MLT.

Okano Kenji
Associate Professor at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS)
Burmese language and linguistic specializing