About Test at venue

About Application for MLT

· MLT consists of 2 sections: reading and listening. It is not allowed to take only one section.
· You are allowed to take multiple levels at the same date.
· Once you apply, you can not change the level.

About the MLT Test Day

· Please prepare a ID card with your photo. If you do not have it on the test day, you may not be able to take the test. In that case, you can not receive refund.
· Please prepare confirmation card issued by MLT on the test day.
· Please check traffic access to the venue. Confirmation card states the address and name of the venue. Please arrive the venue in 20 mins advance of starting time.
· You are not allowed to take MLT if you arrive late after the starting time.
· It might be possible not to hold MLT due to matter of MLT organizer side or unavoidable situation.
· In case of canceling the MLT or changing the starting time, we will announce through MLT website by 6:00 am on the test day. Please check the latest information on the MLT website.
– Please prepare warm clothing just in case because some seats in room is too cold.

During MLT Test Time

· You can leave test room between 10 mins to 30 mints before the test ending time if you finish reading section early. Please note that you are not allowed to leave after 10 mintues to the test end time.
· You are not allowed to see reference materials such as dictionaries and textbooks.
· All you can put on the desk are pencil, eraser, watch and bottle of water. Please put the other items in the bag and keep the bag on the floor.
· Please turn off all electronic devices such as mobile phones and smart phones. Mobile phones can not be used as a watch.
· If you would like to go to the toilet during the time, please raise your hand. The MLT staff will accompany you to wash room. However, you are not allowed to go during the listening section.
· Once the test time finishes, we collect all materials: test paper, answer sheets, questionnaire paper and blank paper. You are not allowed to take away any of those material.
· You are not allowed to note / write on test paper. If you would like to take notes, please use blank sheet distributed by MLT
· We might ask you to leave if we consider you interrupt the process of MLT, such as not to follow our rules. In this case, we will not score the test results neither refund.

About Test Result

· We will send test result to the registered e-mail address about one month after the test day.
· For those who passed, we will send you a certificate in attachment to the e-mail. If you wish to obtain the original certificate (hard-copy), please let us know by the deadline stated in that e-mail.
· Pass / fail is decided by correct answer rate. If the correct answer rate for each section and total is over 60%, you can pass th.
· We are not able to answer whether your answer of each individual question was correct/wrong.
· The MLT Association may cancel the score in cases of natural disasters, incidents, accidents, leakage of examination problems, etc., or in case that test taker uses illegal ID or does not follow MLT rules.

About Refund Policy

· We can not refund the examination fee and other material fee once it’s paid, regardless of reason.
· If the examination can not be held due to circumstances of MLT organizer side or inevitable situation, you can carry forward the right to take MLT test to the next test. However if you can not take examination due to your own reason, you can not carry forward to the next test.