Test result

Results and Scores

· We will send test result to the registered e-mail address about one month after the test day.
· For those who passed, we will send you a certificate in attachment to the e-mail. If you wish to obtain the original certificate (hard-copy), please let us know by the deadline stated in that e-mail.
· Pass / fail is decided by correct answer rate. If the correct answer rate for each section and total is over 60%, you can pass th.
· We are not able to answer whether your answer of each individual question was correct/wrong.
· The MLT Association may cancel the score in cases of natural disasters, incidents, accidents, leakage of examination problems, etc., or in case that test taker uses illegal ID or does not follow MLT rules.

Official Certificate

· We will issue official certificate to passed test-takers. We will send pdf version to your registered email address.
· If you wish to receive the original certificate in hard-copy, please visit MLT Resource Center. You are required to show your ID document and Confirmation card to receive the certificate.